Selling the Farm

Selling the Farm

After over a decade on the farm the time has come to selling it.

Here is the link for those who may want to buy it. The showing is on the 2nd October.

We will be staying in Nes and I have moved temporarily to a vegetable farm nearby called Furuvoll.   

We have done a significant number of infrastructure updates over the years that have increased the value of the farm significantly. 

Farm as it was in 2009 when we moved in.

Since buying the farm we transformed it from a monoculture sprayed field and rundown buildings, into a market/food forest garden/seed saving operation.


We hope the potential new owners will be ecologically grounded and that they carry on with a similar project. We hope they will sees the love that has gone into building an ecosystem to which we have become deeply connected. The appeal is especially to market gardeners, reko-ring people, tiny house and ecovillage people who want to make the world a better place through their connection to food, soil, seeds and ecology building. 

The spirit of the farm is a space that is adapting to the changing environmental conditions through seed saving. Adaptation and reproduction go hand in hand, and in a world where so few are connected to the reproductive side of nature, this farm has a unique history. You can read about our initial vision in this article from Cultura Bank Pengevirke and more recently this article in the local newspaper.

As a board member of the Norwegian Seed Savers, I toured Norwegian farms, Botanical Gardens, and the gardens of seed savers in 2020. The series can be found on YouTube under the title From Seed to Serving. 

My work for KVANN has made its imprint on this farm in so many ways. Thanks to the influence from Stephen Barstow´s Alliums and Asian hardy perennials, I have Norways largest Udo collection (I write about Udo in King of Sansai ) and a hoste of rare adaptogens and loads of experimental allium seed projects. 

In 2021 we added a two-meter-high fence around the entire property to keep wild animals out so that we can plant trees without the need for individual protection. It also protects the market garden especially in the fall. 

The plan was to finish planting the fruit orchard, introduce more birds and expand the market garden.


The 2021 season started in March in the 300m2 greenhouse with sales of plants at local Reko-Rings. May saw the expansion of the farm through the use of a two wheel tractor to a 1000 m2 market garden/seed saving operation. 

I´ve been saving seeds for KVANN since it was founded at Gamle Hvam (across the river from my farm) in 2016 when the greenhouse was erected. It was moved from a farm nearby piece by piece and re-erected by hand with almost no power tools. From 2016-2018 I gradually built more and more perma-beds in the greenhouse. We established grapes early on which give a glut that keeps growing year after year. 

Fall 2022
Fall 2022
Fall 2022

I have made a number of YouTube videos that can be found on Youtube kanalen: Andrew at Norwegian Seed Savers.

The greenhouse has been the center of the farm in many ways.

Some of the updates we did to the farm are:

New living room 2019 (took everything out including the base of the house and rebuilt it restoring the old outer wall into a contrast wall).

New roof on stabbur and main house (2014-15)


If you are interested please contact me